onsdag 20 oktober 2010

Skinny black.

Jeans by Gina Tricot Belt by Vintage  Shoes by Håkansson
This would have been my contribution to the Gap contest at LB. Unfortunatuly I don't own a Gap item.

måndag 18 oktober 2010

In the army.

Shirt by Swedish Army Socks by Complement

I really would like to wear this someday. But I don't think I'm allowed to.

fredag 15 oktober 2010

Good old times.

Skirt by Topshop Shoes by F21

Took these great photos with Nadja earlier this year. Feels like such a long time ago.

torsdag 14 oktober 2010

My new old boots.

Scarf by JC Shorts by HM Boots by Second hand

I found these great boots on second hand earlier this week.

onsdag 13 oktober 2010

Suit up day.

Jacket by Benetton 

Today is the international suit up day, and I almost missed it!

måndag 11 oktober 2010

söndag 10 oktober 2010

The "wedding" dress.

Dress by HM Shoes by Scorett Handbag by Chanel

This is what I wore at the wedding yesterday.